Following several weeks of research and development in his workshop at, Vincent Van Gompel, the creator of Tommy’s gazette cat litter, has perfected a 100% eco-friendly litter to please our four-legged friends. Not only have production and packaging been fine-tuned to reduce their environmental impact, but the raw material also originates from secondary sources and/or recycling: waste paper.

Remember that your cat’s total annual ecological footprint is 0.15 ha, a little less than a VW Golf and that, every year, one cat uses no less than 33 kg of litter. Ordinary cat litter is so-called “final” waste, as it is neither recyclable nor biodegradable, combined with the fact that its production has a significant ecological impact on the environment. Frequently originating from distant countries, such as China, it has adverse effects, including:
• The use of non-renewable resources (clay taken from quarries).
• The generation of dust during production.
• The use of substances that are hazardous to the environment and health in the case of bleached or fragranced litter or litter treated with a fungicide or pesticide.
• The production of ash during incineration.

On the other hand, our towns and cities, which are real urban mines, are chock full of secondary materials that are crying out to be re-used, such as waste paper.

These are the two reasons why Vincent decided to produce a litter that has less of an environmental impact than existing products. His litter does not contain any additives or added chemicals, resulting in a product that is as eco-friendly as possible, while also being safe for our pets. The litter granules can also be used as a floor covering for gnawing animals (hamsters, mice, rats, etc.).

A fantastic example of sustainable economy right in the heart of Brussels!

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