From spacesand infrastructures that are flexible, accessible and eco-designed

We provide you with everything you need to make your life easier, to succeed in your green bizz in a framework aligned with your values and efficient.



Fast connection

Kitchen and relaxation areas


Meeting rooms

Bicycle garage

Car chargers




Offices for 1 to 10 people, in a brand new passive building


Workshops from 120 to 550 m2 meeting low energy standards


To launch your business in a stimulating environment

Our event spaces

An exemplary and innovative building offering very bright spaces and high quality equipment.

Convivial spaces for our greenies

The All-in-One for your sustainable initiative

Here, companies have everything at their disposal to develop and grow their positive impact, while growing in an ecosystem aligned with their values and at the height of their ambitions.

Sustainable development

Support for the development of your business and its sustainable aspects

The Brussels ecosystem

Connecting with the sustainable and circular economy ecosystem in Brussels

A community

Monthly internal events, a WhatsApp group, sustainable projects, etc.